Support GeezLab’s Free Projects

GeezLab is dedicated to providing premium quality Geez related products to users Free of cost. And we have a number of good reasons for that. To mention some: promote the use of technology by our people, promote local innovation, to develop and stand for the internationally discounted culture of our minorities and disabled citizens and finally to encourage the culture of giving back to society.
As devoted as we are to our goals, the process of software development, distribution and maintenance cost money besides time, effort and energy. The effect of which has started to influence our products. GeezIME for Android has been completed and sitting on our shelf for one full year! The reason is that getting it to the App Store was costly. Finally, we have managed to achieve our goal, starting from 13th November 2013, GeezIME for Android is on Google Play and freely available for download. However, this experience has thought us a lesson; and with encouragement and support from some of our thoughtful fans we have planned to open for donations from those who want to give back and keep us producing.

Thank you!