Keyboard Mapping in GeezIME for Windows

This guide applies to GeezIME for Windows, only. For other platforms - macOS, Android, iOS, Web -- the keyboard guide is included in the respective programs. For the most part, the mapping is very similar across all GeezIME apps, but there could be slight changes for improved experience.

In the following tables, the sequence of the English letters in Red color is the key combination required to type the Ge'ez character above it. Note that GeezIME must be turned on first in order type Ge'ez, see here how to do that.

he hu hi ha hie h ho
le lu li la lie l lo
He Hu Hi Ha Hie H Ho
me mu mi ma mie m mo
s2e s2u s2i s2a s2ie s2 s2o
re ru ri ra rie r ro
se su si sa sie s so
Se Su Si Sa Sie S So
qe qu qi qa qie q qo
que   qui qua quie qW  
Qe Qu Qi Qa Qie Q Qo
Que   Qui Qua Quie QW  
be bu bi ba bie b bo
ve vu vi va vie v vo
te tu ti ta tie t to
ce cu ci ca cie c co
h2e h2u h2i h2a h2ie h2 h2o
hue   hui hua huie hW  
ne nu ni na nie n no
Ne Nu Ni Na Nie N No
e u i a ie A o
ke ku ki ka kie k ko
kue   kui kua kuie kW  
Ke Ku Ki Ka Kie K Ko
Kue   Kui Kua Kuie KW  
we wu wi wa wie w wo
Oe Ou Oi Oa Oie O Oo
ze zu zi za zie z zo
Ze Zu Zi Za Zie Z Zo
ye yu yi ya yie y yo
de du di da die d do
je ju ji ja jie j jo
ge gu gi ga gie g go
gue   gui gua guie gW  
Te Tu Ti Ta Tie T To
Ce Cu Ci Ca Cie C Co
Pe Pu Pi Pa Pie P Po
xe xu xi xa xie x xo
x2e x2u x2i x2a x2ie x2 x2o
fe fu fi fa fie f fo
pe pu pi pa pie p po
. ; , : :: ;- ..
1^ 2^ 3^ 4^ 5^ 6^ 7^ 8^ 9^
1^0 2^0 3^0 4^0 5^0 6^0 7^0 8^0 9^0
Geez Hundred    Geez Ten Thousand   
1^00 1^000

Note. Blin (ብሌን) support, introduced in GeezIME 3.0.

Ge Gu Gi Ga Gie G Go
Gue   Gui Gua Guie GW  

Note. GeezIME can also be used to type the following characters, which are included in the Unicode chart containing the Ge'ez script. However, note that these characters are not used as part of the traditional Ge'ez, Tigrinya, Tigre, and Blin writing systems in Eritrea.

hoa lua Hua mua s2ua rua sua Sua qoa bua vua tua cua nua Nua ua
koa Kua woa zua Zua yoa dua jua goa Tua Cua Pua xua x2ua fua pua
d2e d2u d2i d2a d2ie d2 d2o d2ua ri2 mi2 fi2   ?? ... ....

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